The one thing that is guaranteed to worry a new dad is the first attempt at changing a dirty nappy. As a new dad you can try to put it off but sooner or later you are going to have to change a nappy and probably get elbow deep in poop! Most new dads nowadays are happy to do their bit towards the duties required with a new baby but many are still squeamish about the smellier jobs that go with the territory. This is a guide for dads who have never changed a nappy in their lives.

The Simple Guide | Nappy Changing for New Dads | Happy in your Nappy
  1. Preparation. Be Prepared! Make sure you have all the stuff you need at hand and that you are ready for the job. The best way to achieve this is to have a changing area ready before your baby is born.  Keep all creams, nappies, wipes, nappy bags near your changing table and ensure you have a changing mat which is easily cleaned if your little one has a particularly messy nappy. Before you carry your baby to the changing area ensure you wash your hands and roll up your sleeves!
  2. Lay your baby gently on the changing table. (Take a deep breath at this point before opening a dirty nappy! Or use a balaclava!)
  3. Hold both feet away from the baby’s bum with one hand and with the other hand use the front of the nappy to wipe away the worst of the mess. Lift the feet higher in the air so that you can fold over the nappy and close it up underneath him/her.
  4. Use the attaching strips of Velcro to seal it up and the place it in the nappy bag.  Ensure you have a good grip on the baby’s feet as once they get lose they will create a whole other mess! (If this happens your best option is to just bath the baby!)
  5. Clean-up: This is the clean up stage. Have a pack of baby wipes or cotton wool and water close by and use as many as require for cleaning the skin. Laura’s Top Tip: At this point, your baby will feel the great joy at the fresh air around their genitals and may celebrate by urinating or releasing the bowels all over the place. This can be anticipated before the wipe-up by opening a new nappy and placing it underneath so that any new mess can be caught before it goes all over your changing area. Always clean back to front and don’t forget to clean in the folds of skin.
  6. Exhale or remove clothes peg from nose.
  7. Now that all the wipes and dirty nappy is tied up in a smell proof nappy bag , all that remains is to finish to job before your baby does another one. Apply creams or powders that you have chosen for you baby. I find Caldesene Powder great for preventing nappy rash. The clean nappy has Velcro on the back part of the nappy (ok so if it’s on wrong, don’t worry, turn it around so that the Velcro is at the back – it’s ok you will get the hang of it soon) that is used to hold the nappy in place around the baby’s tummy. Ensure you don’t do it so tight that the baby can’t breath and not so loose so that it will leak.
  8. Wipe & Clean the changing table. Wash your hands. Your baby has just pooped! Start over again!!!
  9. Well done, you’re a pro! 


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